Wholesale industry

Wholesaling companies operation depends on selling large quantity of goods with low margins. Competitive edge is gained through the quickness and accuracy of servicing customers, which requires well designed sales support and order taking functions from an ERP system. Observing pricing policies, discounts, and managing both internal and external logistics is equally important.

VERK/400 wholesale functions


VERK/400's integrated, customizable sales processes support workflow to be effortless - complete with order processing and order management. The system can also be complemented with an on-site sales force automation solution, FusionR SFA. VERK/400's sales module provides a broad palette of discount, sales action, and mass sales price generation functions.

Sales support

VERK/400's sales support functions also extend to the automated calculation of sales premium for colleagues, customer loyalty systems, post-calculated customer bonuses, contract management, and call center service.

Route management

VERK/400 provides a complete solution for managing delivery routes: complete with on-map tour display and planning, commissioning, debit management, goods and wrapping return management, cash settlement, driver premium and delivery price calculation. If an on-line solution is required, field workers are also able to create invoices right at the customer.


VERK/400 is able to manage inventory down to warehouse location / expiry date level. Stock movements from one warehouse to another, asset outplacement and back storage processes are handled in a closed way. Monthly inventory closing and settlement is managed with FIFO or accounted price calculation, with an option for automated general ledger entry.


Full inventorization support with inventory lists or tickets, single or double blind method with paper forms or mobile devices.

Finance and accounting

Among standard financial and bookkeeping functions, management level accounting and controlling is also supported. Functions: cash-flow management, customer credit limit, aging, demand notes, default interest, collection management. With the use of controlled business procedures, automated pre-assignment helps in greatly reducing the number manual bookkeeping tasks.

Further functions: e-bank management, cash register management, internal cost center management.


VERK/400 is able support sales numbers planning, and cost+income planning with base or customized aspects. Plan/fact margin comparison can be carried out for cost centers, customers, product category, or individual products. Using VERK/400's integrated report engine, management and supervising authority reports can be created on a scheduled basis, or on-demand. Reports expanding to general ledger and controlling dimensions can be presented in the system, or on Excel outputs.


VERK/400 is equipped with an integrated retail (C+C) module, and cash register machine connection. Standard interfaces provide transparent master data or report exchange with many other popular IT systems in the CEE region.

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